11 Signs He's Not Just Another Hookup [Dude's List]

In a world where nobody believes in the according to Jane Austen and John Hughes practice of dating anymore, there’s a lot more signal reading that is required to keep you from losing your mind. It’s never been more confusing trying to figure out where you stand with a guy you’re crushing on. Oh, it might start as a casual hook up. It may evolve into some kind of FWB timey-wimey wibbly-wobbly mess. At what point does even that line get crossed? How do can you tell when things stop being casual and are heading in down a serious path? Well, I offer you eleven signs to look out for… [In honor of this post, I present a gallery of 11 men you would LOVE to be more than just a hook up.]

Now, granted, one of these signs may not be enough evidence to convict him of having crossed the line. If you start noticing a combination of these then you can start worrying. Or start planning. Depends on whether you’re as guilty of this kind of behavior as he is. If you’re unclear, take a moment to consider. Remember, if you have to ask the question, you’re already pretty sure what answer you’re looking for.
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