I Love My Active Summer: The Post-Barbecue Workout

Whether you’re already away at school hitting up a frat party, heading to your family lake house for a barbecue, or perhaps spending the day at the beach for a seaside clambake, this weekend’s festivities will be full of food and drinksplenty of food and drinks! As Labor Day is perhaps the last hurrah of summer for most of us, that is, before we get back into the swing of busy work hours, scheduled class time, and no longer wearing white in public, may as well carpe diem, right? So yeah, you’ll be going for that juicy burger, which, by the way, is definitely not of the turkey variety, and while you’re at it, why not double up on that amazing looking chocolate tart, because hey, it has strawberries on it!
Alright, so maybe you’re kinda cheating a bit by switching from kale chips to baby back ribs, but who says you can’t enjoy food when you want to? After all, that’s why we workout anyway – that and also to have our killer figure and feel great every day. There’s no harm in indulging, especially when we consider the fact that summer as we know it is basically over (it’s fine, eat your feelings).
But, what happens when you enjoy the bounty of the barbecue, clambake, or kegs and ice luges galore? Chances are, you’ll feel it, and you’ll need a quick fix! No regrets, of course, but the weekend barbecue bender will definitely leave you hoping for some post-binge relief. Luckily, we’ve got your back, er, your body!
The best post-binge workouts are ones that feature effectiveeasy-to-follow movestarget the major muscles of the body to burn calories, and elevate your heart rate to break a sweat and detox. Basically, anything involving cardio and multi-joint exercises will do the trick. This no equipment, do anywhere circuit workout from PopSugar has you covered on all aspects, so check it out:

Pro tip: Be sure to hydrate before, during, and after your workout, especially if you consumed alcohol the night before! This will help prepare you for the workout, replace the fluids you lost while drinking, and also rejuvenate your system and help you recover.
Of course, enjoying food, friends, and a fabulous party are perfect reasons to temporarily ditch some healthy habits – I promise, those kale chips will be there come Monday! Just remember, one cheat day doesn’t mean you’ve ruined your eating routine, or fitness regimen. Enjoy your cake and body too, and try this post-binge workout for one of your last chances to love your active summer!

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