How to Determine What Type of Running Shoes Are Best for Your Feet

I’m sure last week’s post “6 Facts You Need To Know About Running Shoes” really got you hot and bothered over your footwear choices at the gym. Do you have enough support? Are you laces too tight? Are you really supposed to be running barefoot?
Alright, I can’t really answer all of those questions for you. But, I DID do a little research to hopefully make that next trip to the shoe store a little less terrifying.
I think you guys know by now that I am NOT a doctor or licensed in anything…except reading books. Literally I have a degree in literature and work in publishing. I’ve just read up on a lot of these issues, because I myself am affected by a sports injury. With running especially, the smallest change or alteration in your stride and movements could cause a HUGE and PAINFUL injury a few months down the road (pun intended).
As you scroll through my nice little guide, know that not all of the characteristics of running shoes are mutually exclusive — you can definitely find some that have more than one of these qualities!

[Lead image via Vadim Georgiev/Shutterstock]

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