7 Back-to-School Fitness Tips & The Keg Stand Workout from MissMotivational [CC's ShapeU]

With the arrival of a brand new school year comes what is quite possibly the most exciting week of the semester for freshman and senior collegiates alike – yes, I’m talking about syllabus week. Sure, move-in day was great (and by great I mean awesome yet incredibly stressful at the same time), and welcome-back weekend was fun, but nothing compares to the boringness of classes and amazingness of parties that is our beloved syllabus week. Now, with all the quintessential syllabus week festivities we will be partaking in – you know, the daging (day-raging), raging (self-explanatory), and all-around debauchery (bad or immoral behavior that involves sex, drugs, alcohol, etc.) – setting aside some vital time for fitness may not be as high up on our list of priorities. But never fear, ShapeU and MissMotivational have your back with some syllabus-week hacks and fool-proof tips for staying fit, even with the parties!
Of course, there’ll be plenty of time for hanging with roomies, reconnecting with old friends from semesters passed, or exploring a new and wondrous world through untainted freshman eyes, but as for squeezing in intervals, rocking out in the weight room, or heading out for a long run around campus, our time may be in short supply. It may not seem important in the midst of all the fun and games, but incorporating fitness into your newly adopted college routine is crucial, not just for your health, but for success as well! So, to maximize our time for work workout and play, here are some tips from MissMotivational herself, author of Sweat for Success: The Fit Life Through College.
Carpe Diem! They say there’s no time like the present, and this applies to your fitness during syllabus week. It can be easy to get absorbed in the countless opportunities to go out, make new friends, and enjoy your free time, but, not getting into a routine early on could make it harder for you to synch your fitness schedule with your weekly schedule of classes! Take advantage of the light amount of work you’re assigned during syllabus week, and explore your workout options. Maybe your school as orientations to the campus recreational facilities, when you can try out fitness classes and equipment for free without having to buy a membership! It’s also another place to meet friends/hot gym hunks – no shame in that ladies, no shame at all.
Drop it Like a Squat! Incorporate fitness into everything that you do!  Keep it fun, keep it simple. Booty drop (er, squat), raise the roof, and squeeze in those abs before you go out at night. Add some dance moves and you’ve got yourself a fun pre-party pump!  If you’re at a party, try doing the keg stand workout. It’s hot!
Take a Hangover Day! You’ve heard of personal days, well this is kind of like that, except its dedicated to hangover recovery. We all have nights that prove to be a little more epic than others, like when we plan to go wild at our BFFs house party, or go hard at a tailgate before the big game. Plan workouts around nights you know will leave you incapacitated the next day, aka mornings you’ll simply be too hungover to workout or, well, function. Workout the afternoon before your big plans and save the next day for your workout rest day of the week, spending it rehydrating and preparing for the week to come. Your body will thank you for the break, and you won’t waste time trying to workout when you’re dehydrated from a night of drinking or too tired from staying up until 5 am.
Walk it Out!  Take a break from studying or lounging in the dorm and go walk to another part of campus. Maybe there’s a club GIM or a cute group of guys in another hall. Walk to eat at a different dining hall and make new friends. Whatever the case is, get up and keep moving!
Schedule Your Sweat!  I KNOW the first few weeks back at school are CRAZY! New friends, new schedule, new parties, new jobs, etc.  But that is why it’s so important for you to schedule in your workouts. Fitness will help you to look great, feel great, and do great! Make it a priority.  Sign up with your roommate for a dance or cycling class. Go to the gym every week before or after a certain class, so it fits right into your schedule. Skimping out now will definitely impact how you feel later!
Find a Partner in Crime!  Find one or more gym friends to workout with. This will help you to hold you more accountable and provide that extra fun factor you may need towards working out. Run together, take a spinning class together, or try a partner workout in the weight room. If you’re new to campus, just head to the gym and find someone there who seems to like what you like. Even if me and my gym friends couldn’t meet daily, we always one at least one day per week that was our favorite gym time! It was a fun way to workout, catch up on the latest gossip, and even meet cute guys on the mat!
GAME ON!  Go into the gym (or wherever you’re exercising) with a game plan and your A-Game!  Don’t just go to the gym without a plan. Playing with the dumbbells or figuring out which machine to use first is simply a waste of time and energy. We don’t have time for that! Use my dorm room workouts, fitness apps/blogs, health magazines, or local trainers for fitness inspiration and devise a plan. Then, set up your ipod with the best music and bring your best energy to the fitness floor. This is YOUR TIME. YOUR GAME. OWN IT!
These tips will come in handy not only during syllabus week, but also anytime throughout the semester, when you find yourself crunched for time between weekend plans, fast-approaching deadlines, and unexpected assignments.
Now, as promised, check out this totally college-inspired KEG STAND Workout:
This is a fun workout, but don’t let it fool you, you’ll definitely feel the burn!
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And don’t forget to check out her website, social media pages, and youtube page for fit tips and free dorm-room workouts! Happy syllabus week all, enjoy the parties, but remeber to sweat for success and lead a fit life through college with MissMotivational!  

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