19 Things To Do When Facebook Crashes

“Sorry, something went wrong.” Uhhh duh, FB.
This is the message many FBers saw popping up on their iPhones and tablets yesterday; the site crashed unexpectedly leaving us all to stumble around in our not-so-virtual reality for a while. Where were we supposed to post the pics of our minestrone soup and veggie Panini we had for lunch?! How will everyone know how cute my hair-makeup combo was for my International Business class?!
It’s pretty obvi we all rely on our social media to navigate and entertain us through our awesome little lives. If you think about it we really whip out our smartphones for almost any break we have in human interaction, we even use them to save us from human interaction…what else are we supposed to do during those awkward moments…guy you don’t like flirting with you…fake call from your roommate who’s “puking.”
Although the events of yesterday afternoon’s FB outage were a bit traumatic for all of us, I thought I’d take this as an opportunity to give us all some helpful tidbits on what we could do with this unexpected and uncomfortable break in social media next time (God forbid) this happens.
Here are 20 things we can do when Facebook is down:
1. Beef up all of our other social media profiles that are most likely lacking because…hello…Facebook was the king of them all…
2. Maybe take our eyes away from the harsh humming screens we fill all of our days with…look out a window or something.
3. Workout…maybe?
4. Write that paper that is already 3 weeks late.
5. Learn code and design a social media site that WILL. NEVER. CRASH. Take that Zuckerberg.
6. Do an outrageous design on your nails that you pin on Pinterest but know you’ll never do…until now.
7. Actually run all the updates your computer or phone says it needs but you never do because you ignore them to go on Facebook.
8. Cook and eat a meal that did not come from a box or enter the microwave.
9. Dust…no one really does this in real life, right?
10. Meditate…and by meditate I mean stare at your closet and try to think of the cutest outfit combos possible without actually moving and trying anything on.
11. Work on your résumé…ha.
12. Plan a really expensive vacation down to where you’ll buy your authentic Italian cannolis, even though you know you’re never goin’ to Italia. Let’s live in the dream.
13. Do some yoga…while watching Boy Meets World reruns.
14. Hit refresh on your Internet browser 20 times a minute to see if Facebook is working again.
15. Open a real book with pages and everything. You don’t have to read it or anything.
16.  Reteach yourself the Bill of Rights, verbatim. I did this in 5th grade and completely forgot, my rights are probably being violated right this moment. Justice.
17. Think of an awesome group Halloween costume to con all of your girlfriends into doing…I already have mine and it’s better than all of yours!
18. Make a really random cocktail with the almost empty bottles of alcohol in your dorm room. Recipe: pour all leftover alcohol in tall glass, add Sprite or orange juice, see who pukes first.
19. Go to your cafeteria early before all the good food is gone even if you’re not hungry…you should experience this at least once.
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