14 Pinterest Perfect Tailgating Recipes

Game day means cowboy boots, the official start of sundress season, sports, and most importantly, the perfect excuse for day drinking. While your ideal tailgate session might involve stumbling over to the stadium covered in champagne while double fisting bottles of Andre (the breakfast of champions), there are all kinds of tailgating snacks you can make if you’re feeling truly ambitious. There’s the “I woke up too hungover to function but I’m going to the game anyway” Powerade and Bagel Bites combo, which is always a favorite. If you’re still recovering, there’s the ever-popular puke and rally. There’s also the chance to host your own pregame for the game, featuring super sassy snacks.

No matter what you’re making, there are a few tailgate necessities. While you’re not exactly one of the extra fancy alumni with grills in the parking lot, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for canned salsa. Whether you’re having everyone over before Homecoming or providing mimosas for the first game of the season, we’ve got you covered. In an ideal world you’d provide only alcohol, but you should probably serve something to soak up the obscene amount of alcohol. If your laziness is at an all-time high you can go with homemade queso, and by that I mean combine two different types of Rotel. If you’re still so hungover from last night it would be a miracle if you can walk, Doritos and salsa it is. Classy.

Now that everyone’s full, it’s time for cocktails. School spirit is obviously everything, but if your colors are say, hideous, they probably won’t make the best adult beverages. Because you want to get everyone as drunk as humanly possible on a budget, sangria is perfect because it can be made from leftovers. Sure, it’s not the sportiest beverage, but it will do the trick. Plus, if you use white wine, you’re less likely to spill all over your game day finery. Same goes for champagne– you can’t go wrong with champagne stains.

Here’s how to impress everyone with your pregame prowess.

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