The Basis Carbon Steel Edition Band Watch Is The Only Fitness/Lifestyle Tracker You Need

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve decided on health/fitness/babe goals, written them down, then just kind of slowly “forgot” about them as soon as I wanted some Cheetos. I have lots of gadgets and apps, but up until now I’ve only used my Polar heart rate monitor regularly I work out. But what about those times when I’m not working out or thinking about my healthy lifestyle dreams, like when I’m on the couch watching RHONJ?
I haven’t had much luck with products that help me keep on keepin’ on during the regular parts of my day, like while I’m at work or my downtime at home. Recently I started trying the Basis Basis Carbon Steel Edition, which is a lot more of a lifestyle tracker and less of a workout buddy. I absolutely LOVE this device.
What makes the Basis Band different is that it not only tracks your activity and measures things like heart rate, skin temperature and steps taken throughout your day, it uses these measurements to help you set and achieve goals you previously select within the app/website. When you set up your device, you’re prompted to select a couple of goals to start out your routine. I really appreciate this aspect of the product since it kind of takes away a lot of the steps that us lazy people will skip when we’re tracking our wellness goals. It’s really easy for me to sit down once every few weeks and decide what I’m going to change and how I’ll do it, but it is AWESOME to actually have something doing the calculations and reminding me of what I set out to do every step of the way.
Some of my favorite goal choices on the site so far were:
Don’t Be A Sitter— I set a specific amount of time that I thought was acceptable to be idle for my own daily routines, whether I’m sitting at my computer editing or loving life with my cute cat Sycamore on my uncomfortable futon. First I chose 30 minutes, and then I realized how unrealistic that was for me so the following week I switched to 1 hour. So the goal ended up being not to be idle for more than an hour Monday through Friday from 9-5. It was harder than it seems!
Consistent Bedtime— I know this seems lame but as someone who has had trouble sleeping recently I have had a lot of doctors say that this is the way to go. You get a routine down and don’t compromise it and your body will eventually fall in line with everything else. I find this really challenging especially when I don’t see my roommate all day until right before I’m supposed to be counting some sheep. I really like hearing about her Tinder adventures and how much she hates the customers at Target, even if I’m supposed to be in bed. Although all the will power is still on us it DOES give me an extra push to hit the hay on time when I wake up and check my goals and see I missed that easy one again.
Step It Up— The band counts your steps throughout the day and it’s crazy to see how inactive I can be sometimes on lazy Sundays or days off of work. It is said that we’re supposed to get around 10,000 steps in a day (including whatever exercise we’re getting). As I started to just get a feel for my own habits on days I was and wasn’t working out I learned a lot. It’s actually pretty hard to get to those 10,000 steps if you have a desk job and don’t plan to hit the gym or pavement before or after work. It’s also cool though to see how many you can take on really active days. Just last weekend I went to downtown Chicago with my boyfriend and we walked to Navy Pier (not close AT ALL to the train station for those of you who are not lucky enough to be Chicagoans). I ended up taking almost 20,000 steps that day and it felt awesome. I also didn’t feel bad at all about not hitting the gym that morning ;).
Check out this CC Pinterest board for fun gadgets, workouts, and apps that work really well with my Basis Band!

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