27 Healthy Things To Do This Fall

I have always loved fall. There’s something very calming and settling about this particular season’s changes. Everything just gets a bit cozier. Chicago recently had a cold snap which really jolted me into the fall spirit. I’ve been in an absolutely fabulous mood for about two weeks. There are so many things I’m looking forward to doing this fall with my friends. I decided to make sure I stay on track and give myself an awesome list of healthy things to do while staying in this awesome fall spirit. Of course, I’m still celebrating Oktoberfest with some brews and having all the food I can eat at Thanksgiving, but these are some ideas to avoid getting my third pumpkin spice latte of the day or eating an entire apple pie on a random Tuesday in October. We can still celebrate the season…in moderation. Here are 27 Healthy Things To Do This Fall:
1. Make this delicious AND healthy pumpkin flavored protein shake! I think you’ll be skipping Starbucks until at least December with this.
2. Meet a friend you never get to see at a forest preserve with some fresh brewed tea; walk, talk, sip, and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage!
3. Take a trip to an apple orchard near you, the fruit is packed with vitamins and you have to walk, bend, and jump to snag them.
4. Make and preserve some all natural applesauce using your apples that you can enjoy all winter long using this recipe.
5. That same apple orchard probably also has a pumpkin patch, grab a hefty one and don’t accept help carrying it to the car!
6. While carving pumpkins with your roomies, save all the seeds and use one of these delicious recipe to bake them! Cute decorations and healthy snacks!
7. Every season has its own awesome produce. This fall try cooking with squash, sweet potatoes, clementines, cranberries, pears, or pomegranates!
8. Add cinnamon and nutmeg to your oatmeal in the morning; the spices will get you in the fall mood.
9. One of my favorite fall traditions is running in a 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning, it gets you up and excited for the day while also making up for the ridiculous amount of cals I’m about to consume! A lot of races have complementary beers at the finish line!
10. Living in the Midwest I’ve had a lot of fun going to HUGE corn mazes throughout my childhood. In fact, some of the largest in the country are very close to my home. Try to find one near your school and split up in to teams to see who can finish first, you’ll get cardio as you become the competitive vixens you are and not even realize it.
11. Go on a nature walk with your roommates and collect pretty colored leaves, pinecones, and twigs and make a cute wreath for your suite door like this one.
12. For me, fall has the perfect running weather. There is so much to look at and the weather, most likely, won’t kill you like it could in winter or summer. The last two weeks I’ve gone on morning runs before work and could not feel better, try it out!
13. Crockpots are fall’s best friends. Buy a mini one for your dorm room. You could make anything from chocolate fondue to spinach dip; you and your roomies could eat them with veggies and fruit and have a scary movie marathon!
14. Pop some natural popcorn, sprinkle some salt, and turn on ABC Family for some 13 Nights of Halloween. You could even add some cinnamon and brown sugar to your kernels for some fall flavor.
15. They say we snack and overeat less if we keep our bodies and minds active; even if you’re sitting at home in front of the TV try picking up a cute hobby like sewing, knitting, or crocheting. It’ll keep you from eating after dinner and you could get an awesome infinity scarf out of it!
16. Another way to keep busy after dinner, paint your nails with one of these awesome fall hues.
17. I feel like muffins are a huge deal in the fall for some reason. Try having a contest with your friends of who can create the best one. Have a baking day then taste testing for who the winner is. Divvy up your goods so everyone has breakfast for the week! Try the recipes here!
18. Me and my roomies always put some real thought into our Halloween costumes. Take a Saturday to go to craft stores and spend the afternoon with your hot glue gun in your common room.
19. For some mental health and stability, start thinking of what clothes to pack away for the winter months and maybe organize your closet like you said you would months ago. Use the closet organization tips here.
20. Sometimes our spring/summer wardrobe can make the jump into our fall/winter wardrobe with a little creativity. Check out these awesome transition pieces and start planning your summer to fall wardrobe.
21.)  One cold-weather food that can be ridiculously nutritious: chili! Have a chili cook-off with friends or family. This is great because you can use basically any meat (or no meat for you veggieheads) you want! It’s super easy to make large quantities to freeze for a few weeks down the road. Did I mention it’s also super filling?
22.)  No matter how much homework you say you have…get out to at least ONE of your school’s football games and cheer on your boys. If anything, just talk about which one’s the cutest.
23.)  Create a fall playlist to jam out to on your way to class as you crunch through the leaves, check this one out for inspiration.
24.)  Start a pickup football game in your quad, all your cute friends will most definitely bring out a crowd of guys willing to play along, show ‘em that girls can play, too!
25.) Go on a local ghost tour, I know parts of my college campus were haunted and our community included us on their walking tours. Dress warm and sign up for one with friends and get a little spooked!
26.) Offer to host a Friendsgiving when you go home for the holidays. Surprise everyone with a super healthy yet DELICIOUS meal as you catch up from your semester away.
27.)  I’m pretty sure there’s nothing homeowners hate more than fall landscaping. Offer to do things like rake, clean gutters, and put out fall decorations for your parents. You’ll get some brownie points, calories burned, and maybe even a little cash.
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