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12 Songs You Should NEVER Have Sex To [Dude's List]

Just imagine: Rose petals on the bed. Maybe a super-sized bath tub filled with bubbles. Chocolate covered strawberries in a golden bowl are waiting. The cork’s been popped off the champagne. She’s unzipping her dress. He’s unknotting his tie. She curls her finger for him to come hither. (All of this is by way of “Red Shoe Diaries” as many of you will remember.) He taps the touchscreen on his mp3 player (brand of his choice, of course) and out comes the sultry sounds of…

So many songs could have been on this list. What would have made yours? Let me know some of the ultimate lyrical libido larcenists you can think of in the comments below.
I’m listening,
The Dude
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