11 Ways To Recreate Lauren Conrad's Pinterest Perfect Wedding

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or marathoning The Vampire Diaries so hard you haven’t come up for air), my favorite basic on this planet married my dream hunk of man, William Tell, recently. For the uninitiated, Lauren Conrad is better known as L.C., that girl who didn’t go to Paris. William Tell is famous for being named after a 14th century marksman and playing guitar in the epic emo band Something Corporate. Together, they are everything, and they embody IRL Pinterest planning.
Lauren Conrad (real name: L.C) is everything. Sure, she might be beyond basic, but she’s white girl’s spirit animals everywhere. She’s the human equivalent of a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Luckily, if you’re hoping to plan your own The Hills themed wedding, have I got news for you! With the help of Pinterest, you can create the barnyard/Mason Jar heavy wedding of your greatest fantasies. US Magazine has all of the details, and we’ve come up with the links to re-create your favorite reality star’s special day.
1. Lauren baked 50 apple pies (I’d like to contest this, and suggest that she forced her sister whose reality TV career never took off, to do the baking, Cinderella style). She’s like Martha Stewart, only without the whole pesky prison stint (yet).
2. Girlfriend “procured” 100 vintage handkerchiefs. For all your overpriced vintage needs that could easily be pilfered from your aging grandmother, I suggest Etsy. Lauren (and her unnamed assistant) searched far and wide to find used tissues that had her bridesmaid’s initials, which is the kind of sorority girl crafting I’m into. I recently had the chance to meet the beyond fabulous Whitney Port (she gave me fashion advice, so I’m pretty sure that means I’m the new L.C.) but she wasn’t a bridesmaid. That means no old hankie for her chic self.
3. A burlap runner was involved. There is literally nothing more Pinterest in the world, unless it was strewn with Mason Jars and brownie recipes (it wasn’t, it was strewn with “gilded eucalyptus leaves” a la Kanye). Lauren is the Pioneer Woman of our generation. Her wedding was basically The Oregon Trail, only with less fording of the river and 0 oxen.
4. A “rustic, mountainside vineyard” was the backdrop for their descent into wedding bliss. That sounds more like a screensaver than an actual location to me.
5. The gift bags included Gummi bears, Reese’s pieces, Pepto-Bismol, and Emergen-C, which legitimately sounds like the best hangover cure ever to me. They were created by Martha Stewart Weddings, which makes them extra amazing.
6. Have your bridesmaids carry bouquets of “dahlias, garden roses and peonies” i.e. a Pinterest dream.
7. Give your hubby-to-be an “apple locket with a snipping of the menu from their first date.” This requires you to be creepy enough to snip out a portion of the menu on your next first date, with the assumption that soon you will be married. If your date catches you, he will probably go running. Pro tip: Don’t come after him with the scissors you just used for your impromptu crafting.
8. Lauren had preppy perfection bridesmaids like Lo and her reality TV failure of a younger sis. William Tell had indie bros from his alternative days with beards. This made it look like a bunch of sorority girls got lost in Williamsburg. To re-create this element, use Tinder exclusively while at Urban Outfitters to find your dream man.
9. Make sure none of your Pinterest princess besties Insta the day, because you look better without a filter (and you plan on selling your pictures for beaucoup bucks later).
10. The two cocktail choices were spiked lemonade or hard cider, and they were handed to guests upon entry. Sounds like my kind of party.
11. William Tell performed, so your husband needs to be a musician who became a lawyer, which usually only happens in romance novels (see also: my dreams).
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk5VpwOiTHI&w=590&h=350]

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