10 "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" Hacks And Tips

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is CollegeCandy’s latest obsession. After deleting 3 gigs of space on my iPhone I finally downloaded the game and instantly became addicted. While Editor-in-Chief Alex took a bit convincing she is perhaps, more addicted than I am. I can see her right now, tapping on her phone instead of working.
Perhaps the best part of the game where you climb from E to A-list by shopping, schmoozing and juggling jobs is that it is not easy. This isn’t the kind of game that you can breeze through. It requires strategy, patience and commitment. I  have no idea how anyone makes the A-list but at this pace it feels like it’s going to take a few weeks. Now, you can spend money on the game if you’re a cheater but we want to play (we can’t afford to play) honestly.
These are the 10 tips and hacks that will get you the A-list without dropping a dime.

Get Unlimited Energy

1. Energy is the most important part of the game. If you don’t have energy then you cannot complete any of the very important tasks in the game, like folding t-shirts at the Kardash store, flirting with dates, taking shots of Immaculat Vodka or going on photoshoots. Everything you do in the game requires energy and once you run out you have to wait at least an hour to play. Unless you have this energy hack.
Close the game. Remove the game from the cache. Now go to your phone or tablet’s settings and change the time so that it is 30 to 60 minutes forward. Yes, all you have to do is change the time on your phone so that the game thinks a full hour has elapsed and it will automatically restore your energy.

Get K Stars Without Paying For Them

K Stars are the freaking blood diamonds of Kim K: Hollywood. I am sure getting the name of January Jones’ baby daddy is easier than earning K Stars. You only seem to get them when you level up  yet they are essential to charming prospective baes and clients.
2.  The only way to immediately get more K Stars is by, sadly, watching ads. They’re quick and hey, they’re the only ads I know of that actually reward me. Click “Get Free Stars” and watch the ads but avoid the “special offers” which feel scammy.
3.  Another way of earning K Stars is by completing achievements. Click the check mark on the lower right hand corner and you’ll see a list of achievements including things like “Barfly” and “Foodie.” As you might imagine these achievements require doing things related to them like ordering drinks and eating food.
4. Every time you an invite a friend to play the game you get a K Star if they sign up for it.

Tap On All The Things To Get Stuff

5. Things give you things in Kim K: Hollywood! The stray cat, the confounded pigeon, yes, even the fire hydrant or the news stand will give you cash, K Stars or energy if you click on them. Any inanimate object is up for grabs.

Fill Up Your Star Meter

6.  When you go on photoshoots or runway shows or whichever job you must (and should) go on, the job will be completed in the given time frame. So if you take an hour job and turn off your phone for an hour the job will be completed and you’ll get the money and stars. However, don’t do it that way. While each job requires so much energy, using those energy stars to complete the task quicker will make your job a success or “fill up your star meter” so that you get more followers. Your celebrity status is completely contingent on your follower count, it’s how you win the game.

Save Money

7. If you don’t go home you don’t have to pay rent. That means avoid entering that “deLuxe Lifestyle Apartments” building so that you don’t have to shill out $750 a month.

8. The less you date the less money you’ll spend. As soon as you go on a date you have to purchase food and use energy stars to charm your bae. Don’t fall for it. Networking is a more effective use of your resources.

Spend (The Fake)Money To Earn Incentives

9. Whenever you spend your earned K money to buy new clothes you earn more stars and hearts. Stars make it easier to network with those who are higher on the celeb list than you (A-list, B-list, etc.). Hearts make it easier to date those higher on the list which can also increase your celeb status.

Play  Everyday

10. When you don’t play everyday you lose fans.

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