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The WB has a history of airing shows featuring truly legendary love triangles (hexagons, really). Old school WB shows were like Degrassi (without Wheelchair Jimmy) — they went there. While these shows might have been off the air for years, you can re-live them in all their glory on Netflix, which means a new generation is being exposed to the heartthrobs of our youthful daydreams. Your prepubescent crush might not seem all that important now that you’re ancient, but he was actually a huge spoiler alert when it comes to the guys you go for these days.
In an epic WB showdown that pits brothers, hot vampires, and best friends against each other, who will you choose?
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If you were a Dawson Leery kind of girl, your number one fantasy was a monumental and memorable romance with your next door neighbor (spoiler alert: later in life you find out that he’s gay). You love old movies (and have the Audrey Hepburn poster to prove it), and you’re seriously vanilla. When you were growing up, you often used big words you didn’t fully understand in an attempt to sound smarter, but your thesaurus of a brain made you seem 100 years old. If you were a Pacey stan, you still have a soft spot for the irredeemable bad boy (see also: Spike of Buffy and Michael of Roswell fame). Unfortunately, while on The WB the bad boy always turns good (sometimes with a little help from sorcery), IRL the boy who boned everybody never fully transforms into a charming human being (or an adult man).
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Before The Vampire Diaries brought you overly emotional vampire love triangles, Buffy was killing it (literally). At first long glance, Angel seems like he’s everything a teen girl wants — tall, dark, and handsome (and a sometimes murderer). Unfortunately, post-penetration, it comes to light that like most boys, once Angel gets what he wants he goes rogue. After he turned evil, it forced a generation of women to question their allegiances (and worry about the repercussions of losing your virginity). If you’re an Angel admirer, you still believe that love is real. If you would choose Spike every time, you’ve had your heart broken enough to know that sometimes a good old-fashioned hookup is exactly what you need.
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It’s a tale as old as time: good boy vs. very, very bad one. If you were a Max enthusiast, you have a wedding Pinterest board that’s hidden, but incredibly organized. You’ve always gone for the boys that are ultra over-achievers, since you’re too Type A to handle boys that ghost unexpectedly. If you liked Michael, you’re currently pregaming.
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Like most W.B. shows, One Tree Hill jumped the shark in a serious way when it replaced almost all of its lead cast members with randos. If you stuck around to watch, you probably still watch Grey’s Anatomy religiously. If you were a Nathan lady, you were a sucker for a letterman’s jacket, and you still watch football games with the hope that you’ll one day be wifed by the quarterback. If you loved Lucas, you’re a sucker for an outsider and probably listen to a lot of Dashboard Confessional, because no one understands your overly-emotional state.
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If you were a Ben Covington lover, you’re probably well-versed in Facebook stalking. After all, Felicity did move halfway across the country for him. Today, she could have easily stayed up-to-date on his whereabouts by downloading a mega creepy app or mysteriously running into him when they were home for the holidays (after shamelessly creeping on his Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare check-ins, obviously). Who you choose in this showdown is entirely dependent on your daddy issues. If your father loved you, then Noel is the obvious (and beyond boring) choice. If you’re still convinced that you can make a bad boy/pseudo-alcoholic change his ways (even if he fathered a child without you), then Ben is the man of your dreams.
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