9 Ways To Transition Your Fitness Routine From Warm To Cold Weather

The polar vortex may not be upon us yet (I know it’s still September, don’t throw all of your #septemberisstillsummer hashtags at me yet, ok?), but I think we all know that as we break into fall the weather is going to be more and more unpredictable.
I could plan a four mile run for a morning, wake up, and there is an almost unbearable late fall rain outside that would most definitely give me walking pneumonia for a month or two (that the weatherman conveniently didn’t mention on the news the night before). The first mother nature “eff you” moment of the cold months normally comes up on me pretty fast, and I have absolutely no time to prepare. I’ve decided to prep you all with a list of things you COULD be doing to make this transition a little easier AND to make sure you don’t suddenly stop working out because baby it’s cold outside.
1. Start working your way into some heavier running shoes. I know that shoes need to be worn down a certain amount and we rotate them out slowly. Maybe in the next month buy your next pair of shoes with heavier fabric and less mesh. The mesh walls are best during summer to let our feet breath, heavier fabrics will keep your feet warmer and keep the gross sludge on the roads and not in your socks.
2. Maybe start using your gym membership again. I love running and I know a lot of you do as well. I love to go on a run and then do small workouts on my patio as the sun comes up. Although I know that I can be a hardcore runner every month of the year and hit the pavement no matter what precipitation is hitting Chicago, I know I won’t be doing it 4 plus times a week like I am now. I’m trying to get myself back into the gym a few days a week so when those cold temps do come and I can’t convince myself to get outside, I can easily tell myself I can hit the elliptical or the benches in the cozy fitness center.
3. Don’t be afraid to make last minute training changes. No matter what we need to be flexible. Whether your training for a race or to hit certain measurements sometimes the weather just won’t permit us to get where we need to be. Yes, it’s annoying. You may have to run on a Sunday morning instead of Thursday and not sleep in as much as you had hoped to. But you’re still going to come out of this winter season with a rockin’ bod while your nemesis who had the same goals skipped all the “hard” days and is looking the same 😉
4. Invest in some cold weather active wear. I personally think the cold weather gear is some of the cutest you can buy. I’d personally pick up a few pairs of Under Armour running spandex and some cute Nike hoodies (brighter clothes are better, it’s darker for longer in the winter months meaning it’s more likely you’ll be running in darker times than you are now).
5. Volunteer to shovel. You can get a crazy good workout during a snowstorm and not even hit the road or the gym, just stay in your driveway. A lot of people around here go out 3 to 4 times a night during a bad storm so the snow doesn’t build up too much, that’s a lot of cardio! You’ll be checking two boxes, housekeeping and your workout. These types of things will make up for how little outside active time we have during the colder months.
6. Keep your clothes a little tighter. It’s super easy for me to keep to my cozy oversized sweaters and leggings. A lot of experts say we should actually try to stick to some tighter yet cozy apparel. It kind of keeps us in check and lets us see how our bodies are retaining our summer fitness levels. It’s easier for us to see when we have smaller weight fluctuations so we can catch any bad habits or regression before it becomes overwhelming to us.
7. Find a buddy. A workout buddy is really a great way to stay on track any time of year. But having someone who is counting on you to meet them and push them through their workout really makes you get out of bed a lot faster when nothing feels better than the warmth of your comforter on a really cold winter morning. Just this morning my friend was expecting me to help her through a tough run…it was dark and cold…but I got up. I think this is going to be the key to getting me through this rough winter ahead.
8. Buy some simple, cheap equipment. My Bender Ball and resistance bands and light dumbbells in my closet are my best friends when the roads are just too bad to set me feet or car on (this happens more often than you think). It looks kind of funny but I have a great circuit routine of running around my apartment and doing curls, planks, crunches, and one legged roman dead lifts. Hey, whatever gets the job done.
9. When things get rough….I like to repeat the mantra summer bodies are made in winter.
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