10 Ways You Know You're a Taurus (Or That You're Dealing With One)

Boring?! You’re not boring! Taureans can get a bad rap for being kind of boring in comparison to some of the other crazier signs. But you know you’re not boring, you just like to have a plan. Taureans are always willing to do the handwork because they know that it will eventually pay-off in the long-run. They may seemed focused on their careers but they’re also willing to spend for important things like travel because they cherish the time on the trip.
Besides, as an Earth sign, Taureans can’t help if they don’t get swept up easily. Their down-to-earth ¬†worldview is exactly the reason that they are street smart and the go-to people for advice. Sure, they’re a little stubborn but who isn’t? All in all, people are pretty privileged to know Taureans. And here are 10 facts that only a Taurus can understand.
1. People are always asking you for help because they know you’ll call out their BS.
2. You can’t let things go. Like ever. You’re still holding that same grudge from the 2nd grade.
3. You’re still holding on to your favorite stuffed animal from childhood. People don’t get that it’s more than just a silly stuffed animal–it’s your innocence, memorialized.
4. At the end of the day, you’re not single-minded but determined and focused. “No” doesn’t exist when it comes to your goals.
5. “When you mess with a bull, you get the horns” is pretty much your personal slogan. You’re easy-going until someone crosses you.
6. You have no time for dreamers. Actions get shit done.
7. Having routine isn’t boring but necessary to go anywhere in life.
8. It doesn’t bother you to spend a little more money on some of the ¬†finer things in life. Yolo, right?
9. You may take a little longer longer than most people to make a decision. You like to think about the long-term effects first.
10. Underneath your no nonsense demeanor, you like to get down between the sheets. Show, don’t tell!

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