Fall into Fitness: 4 Easy Hacks to Stay Active This Season [CC's ShapeU]

Fall is the best time to be fit. Sure, it may not be sunny and 75 every day, but the crisp breeze and lower humidity make it a lot more conducive to workouts than those scorching summer months. Plus, its beautiful out – the trees are gorgeous, the air is dry, the sun shines without being too hot, and days like these are the perfect motivation to get up and get out for an enjoyable workout! Unfortunately, we tend to have less time during the fall, and with crazy work schedules, demanding classwork that seems to pick up right as the leaves begin to change, and, of course, the shorter days that come with the season, planning your fall workouts can be a challenge. But they don’t have to be! Get creative with these helpful fall fitness hacks, and you’ll enjoy being active all season long and never get bored of your autumn workouts!
There are so many ways to be active in the autumn months, and whether you’re staying inside or taking in some fall foliage, there are plenty of ways to stay fit without missing out on the splendor of the season!
Here are four fall fitness hacks help you enjoy an active fall:
Incorporate fall into your fitness routine with a hike. There’s no better way to get creative with your fitness routine then by incorporating some awesome outdoor activities this season! When the weather is nice and you’re feeling adventurous, check out a local trail and spend a day among the changing trees. The views an colors will be breathtaking, so grab a friend and make sure to take a selfie on your hike to the top! Not only do you get to enjoy the beauty of fall, but you’ll also burn of calories on an all-day hike, which is a great active way to stay fit. Check out these tips for planning the perfect hike and get out there!
Opt for a lunch break workout. Unlike summer, when lunchtime is virtually the worst time to work out, the middle of a fall day is actually the perfect time to get your fitness on. Without having to worry about extreme heat or dehydration, a lunchtime workout is ideal for the autumn months. Something nice and quick like a tabata session, lunchtime routines under 30 minutes, or a simple workout in your dorm will work wonders. For something a little more low-key, try walking for 20 minutes, a relaxing yoga session, or maybe go for a quick lunchtime bike ride. Not only will you burn calories, you’ll get a much-needed burst of energy to keep you going for the rest of your day!
Spend the day at a Fall fair. Fall is one of the most popular seasons for festivals and fairs, and every year there are tons of great opportunities to check out these seasonal attractions. Spending a full day at the fair is definitely an awesome way to get some much needed exercise without missing out! You’ll be so busy having fun, you won’t even notice all the walking you’ve done! Add in some festival activities, and you’ll have a full day of exercise without actually hitting the gym. Hit up an apple orchard in your area, stroll through a locals corn maze, or check out this website to search fall festivals near you!
Get in the spirit of Halloween with Zombies, Run! For anyone who needs a little extra running motivation, and is still into the whole idea of a zombie apocalypse, this app is definitely for you. Zombies, Run! is designed to make you run further and faster by involving you in an interactive run for your life. With virtual zombies tracking your trail, you’ll receive directions to run faster in order to get away, adding in interval training to your workout, which is a huge boost to the calories you burn! This app is perfect for a fun alternative to running outside with intervals, and will definitely get you in the spirit of Halloween this season. 
It’s far more simple than we think to get creative with our fitness routines. Especially during the fall, there are so many ways for us to be active while still enjoying the season itself, and all it has to offer. And with these four hacks, you can definitely pull it off! Enjoy the outdoors with a hike, a run with virtual zombies, or a fun fall festival with friends. How will you stay fit this fall?

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