11 of the Unsexiest Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is an amazing opportunity to dress up however the heck you feel like. I mean, you can be anyone you’ve ever wanted to be or any version of anything you’ve ever wanted to be. It can be an incredibly empowering night. Unfortunately, there’re also a lot of people who take the word “empowering” to mean that they should dress, well, a bit on the promiscuous side. Sometimes that just invites a lot of unwanted attention that’ll kill a fun night out.
There are some tried and true costumes that might help you out. The bloodier and scarier the zombie look, the better, right? But come on, we can get more creative than that. Here are 11 totally unsexy Halloween costume ideas guaranteed not to attract any d-bags… Or humans with any kind of sexual urges whatsoever.

That’s just what from the polls I’ve taken on social media. Surely, you’ve got some more ideas and stories. What’s the best unsexy costume idea you have for this coming Halloween? What are some of the ones you’ve done before? Share your tales and ideas in the comments below.
Not worrying about attracting another human being,
The Dude

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