Serena Van Der Woodsen And Van Wilder Are Expecting

Serena van der Woodsen, the unofficial Queen of the Upper East Side, and Van Wilder, party boy extraordinaire, are expecting the most basic human baby in recent history. After years of partying a little too hard in NYC, Serena discovered that her boyfriend doubled as a secret stalker, and that his hair was so big because it was full of secrets. After dumping Lonely Boy, the only person on the planet more obsessed with Serena than Serena herself, she also failed out of college — because let’s be honest, even mommy’s money couldn’t buy her enough brain cells to graduate from Columbia successfully. She took her cleavage rhombus to Coolidge College, where she met the resident campus playboy, the infamous Van Wilder.
After transferring to Coolidge, Serena went Greek. She became her sorority’s social chair, because she was perfect at planning parties (and had a million connections, because she knew every fraternity president personally *insert winking emoji*). With her stunning good looks (mostly courtesy of her shampoo model worthy hair), she was able to transform his wild ways.
She’s now the President of the Junior League, and plans on being a ridiculously successful mommy blogger who exclusively posts Pinterest perfection (the equivalent of Goop, basically). He plays golf, and will have a flirtatious relationship with the nanny. Serena’s old BFF, Blair Waldorf, is now dropping mega hints to her husband, Seth Cohen. Check back for baby bump watch for Blair, because only time will tell. You know you love me.
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