The "No Means Yes" Fraternity at Texas Tech Lost Its Charter


When will fraternity boys learn that consent is cooler than creepiness? Back in September,¬†Phi Delta Theta at Texas Tech hung a sign that said, “No Means Yes” and “Yes Means Anal.” While they might have thought it was a hysterical joke, the reality is that violence against women, sexual or otherwise, is making waves in the media, and these disgusting displays of “rape culture” are helping to make it such a prevalent subject.

The sign was in honor of their hurricane-themed party. Honestly, couldn’t they have come up with something way funnier for that theme? It’s not even related. So unoriginal, boys. Said party also had a sprinkler that was shaped like a lady’s private parts that sprayed party goers. Look, I’m all for a good time, but I like to have my fun without the added bonus of misogyny and the threat of rape looming. Hard pass on Texas Tech parties.

After pictures of the sign made the rounds nationally, their chapter was suspended. As anyone Greek knows, a suspension doesn’t always lead to the end of a chapter… but in this case, the Texas Tech students stood up for themselves. Students staged a protest against rape culture, hanging their own signs that said “No Means No” around campus.

This week, Phi Delta Theta International decided to remove the chapter at Texas Tech. While this beyond gross sign could have been the work of only one or two members, the fact that it existed, and was considered normal, at a college party is repulsive. The remaining members of the chapter all have to attend lectures on sexual assault prevention and bystander behavior, which is hopeful because so many times when a chapter’s charter is removed, the organization continues. After all, just because your national organization doesn’t think you should exist doesn’t mean you agree. The chapter’s even doing over 10,000 hours of community service for organizations dedicated to rape crisis and sexual assault prevention.

This isn’t the first time their chapter has been in trouble. They were banned from 2005 until 2011 because of an alcohol-related death. They were only reinstated last year, and they were supposed to be on probation all year. Honestly, every school has at least one fraternity chapter that they’d be better off without, and it sounds like this is the one at Texas Tech. There’s obviously been issues around rape culture on campuses for years, but I feel like we’re finally moving towards something with the growth of transparency on the subject. Now we just need to stop fraternities from making their ideas on rape so transparent and we’ll be golden.

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