Mean Girls Star Damian Made The Funniest "Stay With Me" Parody Ever

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While Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” is unbelievably gorgeous and the perfect song to play ad nauseam when you’re at rock bottom, this video is a little more true to life. Starring your favorite Mean Girls dude (other than Aaron Samuels),¬†Daniel Franzese straight up kills it. If you’re looking for more of him, he’ll be starring in next season’s stellar show, Looking.¬†
All the morning after feels you’ve ever had in one place. “Boy you need to go, and you need a mint,” should be a lyric of our generation. Everything is perfection, from the impromptu use of the finger toothbrush to the misplaced phone (it’s never there when you need it). Let’s be honest, what seems like a good idea the night before doesn’t always in the light of day. Sometimes you just want to Uber them away so you can enjoy your hangover, Netflix, Bagel Bites extravaganza all alone. If you find yourself in that unfortunate situation, have no fear. Simply play “Please Go Home” for them and they’ll get the hint immediately. Sam Smith has some serious competition. Let’s be real– this is totally what would have happened to real life Damian. This is the ratchet romance our generation deserves.
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