Paula Patton Files For Divorce From Robin Thicke

Remember how when “Blurred Lines” first came out it was fresh and fun and new and introduced us to Robin Thicke’s eyes? We ignored the misogyny of the song, because it was so damn catchy. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end… and our nation’s obsession with the song came to a close when he hurt our eyes at the VMA’s. Their was a huge focus on MiCy and her twerking gone bad, but it seemed like few people cared about the tuneless man she was grinding on, who was twice her age.

Back in the good old days (approximately a year ago), it seemed like Robin and Paula would last forever. After all, in celebrity years they practically had, since they met when Robin was 14. While we might have thought it was true love, Robin’s actions prove otherwise… He was caught getting up close and personal, blurring the lines you could say, with multiple women that definitely weren’t his wife. It’s entirely possible that after years in Hollywood the not-so-happy couple had an open relationship, but even if they did, Robin should’ve kept his side pieces on the DL if he knew the paparazzi was currently obsessed with him.

Now, Paula has finally rejected his numerous performances on the Thirst Tour.  She’s finally seen the light. It took a minute, because rumor has it that Paula is just as into partying as her boy Robin is. If you saw her not-so-acclaimed movie Baggage Claim, it’s not too hard to believe. Thicke has said that he didn’t do one sober interview during promotion for “Blurred Lines,” and that he was taking a Vicodin to start the day, and then filling a water bottle with vodka for interviews, so at least they had partying in common. Patton cited “irreconcilable differences” (don’t they all?) when she filed in Los Angeles. She’s seeking joint custody of their son, Julian Fuego (I can’t wait for his R&B hits). It looks like Robin Thicke is even farther removed from his Growing Pains father than we thought he was… this is not a good week for 90s sitcoms.

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