This Mirror Showers You With Compliments

“Mirror mirror on the wall…” is about to become a reality, thanks to the fine folks over at IKEA. If you live alone, it can be hard to choose a picture perfect outfit without help from your friends via Snapchat (especially if your mom’s not picking up her phone to tell you how pretty and popular you are). After all, who else can affirm that those boots are a fabulous fashion statement, and not an epic fail?
Luckily, all hope is not lost! IKEA is introducing a “Motivational Mirror.” Shocking that it’s not called a “RÅSKOG” or something equally giggle worthy, but I do like the alliteration. It’s your new favorite accessory, and you don’t even wear it. Your new best friend will deliver preen-worthy compliments like “Darling, your dress looks amazing!” and “Your eyes are mesmerizing!” You’ll never need to turn to Tinder again, because you’ll receive the same amount of compliments with 100% less creepiness.
According to IKEA, the mirror’s purpose is to bestow “personalized compliments to provide the nation with a much needed morale boost.” In a land of thigh gaps and Photoshop fantasies, it seems like a pleasant addition. It’s being rolled out in Britain right now (which means the mirror has an incredibly charming accent), which is the perfect excuse to hop across the pond (also, Prince Harry is still unmarried). While Prince Charming might not exist, this magical mirror is proof that fairytales can still happen in reality.

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