Prepare For Pretty Little Liars To Return This Christmas

If you thought you saw the last of Mona when she (spoiler alert) kicked the bucket, then you don’t know PLL very well. Girlfriend was far too batshit to be gone for good. In an interview with TVLine, Janel Parrish (i.e. Mona), revealed that she’ll be returning regularly in flashbacks. Now that Alison is back, it makes sense that a new ghost would start haunting the girls. Mona will still be a series regular, so prepare to learn more about the most illusive liar of all (other than Ali, of course).
This year there won’t be a beyond spooky Liars special for Halloween… we have to wait until Christmas for crazy costumes and crazier characters. Mona will be making an appearance in the Christmas episode as Ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. I can’t help but wonder if she’s the one rocking the white hood, because Janel said she’d be wearing a “fabulous” costume.
In the new clip that ABC Family premiered Sunday night, Ali’s seen with a whole new slew of girlfriends/minions/soldiers in the A army. I can’t help but wonder who she recruited, because it seems like everyone in Rosewood has been wronged by her at some point. Unfortunately, we’ll all have to wait until December to know for sure.
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