Men Are Now Getting "Bro-tox"

The latest craze sweeping the nation? More and more men are getting Botox, just like youth obsessed ladies all over the world have been for years. Finally, everyone can be equally incapable of showing human emotion. In an effort to keep it manly and no homo, they’re calling it “Bro-tox.” Unfortunately, even bro-ing out while being poked with a needle to look forever young won’t make it masculine. Even though the days of calling every man who ever manscaped a “metrosexual” are longer over, that doesn’t men that men have stopped secretly searching for cosmetic procedures. Lots of men feel like they need to keep up with their wives going under the knife, so they’re turning to Bro-tox to keep it young and tight.
In some ways, it’s a plus that men are now seriously taking care of themselves… if women are throwing down beaucoup bucks for waxing and the pleasure of experiencing excruciating pain, let’s all do it, because equality. Obviously, it would be way better if we could all accept aging and let it happen naturally, but that doesn’t seem like an option these days (just look at celebrities and their permanently frozen faces). Wondering how rampant Botox use among men is? Just look around… or turn to statistics. Since 2000, male Botox has increased 310%. Looks like we’re all just living in a material world, whether we’re boys or girls.
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