11 Reasons I Hate Pinterest


I love to hate Pinterest.Everyone knows that the best things in life are bad for you, whether it’s boys, alcohol, or calories… but Pinterest should be on that list, too. With the combination of ridiculously overpriced designer items, links that take you nowhere, and crafts that you would need a muscle man and true artistic talent to complete, it’s the internet’s rabbit hole. You decide to take a quick peek while you’re studying, and suddenly you’re plotting a refurbished coffee table made out of shipping crates that you’ll never actually make. Here are the 11 reasons I have a serious love/hate relationship with Pinterest.

1. Whenever I’m on Pinterest, I need to be snacking. There’s no human on earth capable of creeping on chocolate chip, Nutella, whipped cream, brownie cookies without at least a low-cal Starbs in hand.

2. If you do pin with a snack in hand, prepare to feel guilt overpower you. The potent combination of nom-worthy recipes and thinspiration make for very mixed feelings.

3. You never know how many friends you have majoring in elementary education until you join Pinterest. I could probably plan my very own lesson with their pin-spiration.

4. Wedding planning on Pinterest is the best way to remind yourself that despite your board of Ryan Gosling dopplegangers, you’re still very much a single lady.

5. While I love a good makeup tutorial, every attempt to re-create one ends with me looking like I was in a fight, instead of the “perfect smokey eye” I’ve always dreamed of.

6. The inspirational quotes let you know exactly what every single one of your friends is going through, and sometimes it’s a little too much information.

7. In real life, Pinterest weddings look like DIY gone wrong, because they’re way too crafty.  On Pinterest, they’re gorgeous and ethereal.

8. The price point on pins varies. You might think the new bag you’re obsessed with and must have immediately is a normal price, until you scroll over and realize it’s a brand new Louis Vuitton.

9. Five minutes on Pinterest always turns into a multiple hour excursion, like Alice and the rabbit hole.

10. It’s considered rude to unfollow your friends, but you might not be super interested in their emotional, not-so-inspirational quotes or the imaginary wedding they’re mentally planning.

 11. As much as I love a good Pinterest project, it never turns out quite like you imagine.
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