Drunk J. Crew is the Tumblr You Need

Drunk J. Crew is you after a shopping spree with your student discount and one too many Vodka Crans. Even if you regularly¬†look your best in your J. Crew sweater and matching pearls, that doesn’t mean you’re not a hot mess on the inside. Even if you regularly stalk the J. Crew catalogue because you’re deeply in love with overpriced statement jewelry and Blair Waldorf headbands, you probably didn’t notice that J. Crew models all have something in common, other than their thigh gaps– they’re all always white girl wasted. Luckily, this amazing Tumblr realized that J. Crew girls are all prim and proper on the outside, and completely schwasted internally.

Drunk J. CrewWe’ve all been there. Unfortunately, the found object usually isn’t J. Crew.

Drunk J. CrewBecause when you’re drunk, standing is so hard.

Drunk J. Crew J. Crew shoes are way too expensive to vom on.

The Virgin Diaries: Virginity Is The New Black
The Virgin Diaries: Virginity Is The New Black
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