This Basic is Buying Enough PSL Mix to Last Forever

Everyone knows that the best part of fall isn’t only the excuse to dress like a basic b. 24/7. It’s also amazing because it’s considered normal human behavior to pour thousands of pumpkin spiced flavored calories down your gullet daily, because it’s seasonal and festive. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are amazing because they have an expiration date. It’s the perfect excuse to consume an exorbitant amount of calories, because fall will be over before you know it, and you’ll need all those calories to keep you warm for winter during hibernation.
One woman loves Pumpkin Spice Lattes so much, she’s decided to enjoy them year-round. Illinois basic Sherry Lynn Gustafson says she loves pumpkin pie, which led to her obsession with PSL’s, since they do have less calories. She says she’s been into them for the last 10 years, so long before the trend of pumpkin spice everything started. She used to load up on them at the gas station, which sounds like a stomach ache waiting to happen.
Sherry decided to start hoarding the mix during fall, so she could enjoy warm pumpkin coffee during the steaming months of summer, because that doesn’t sound disgusting. So far, she’s bought 52 boxes of the drink mix. She’s loading up slowly, because she doesn’t want the pumpkin spice purveyors to think she’s crazy (even though the whole world definitely does). She plans on buying at least 30 more boxes of the mix. When red cup season rolls around, Sherry will still be sipping on PSL’s for the rest of eternity.
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