Watch Channing Tatum Strip For Real

Now that Magic Mike 2 is coming our way, Chay Tates has been all over the news lately… and I’m not complaining. Way back in 1999, before the days of camera phones and social media everywhere, our boy C.P. was taking it all off regularly. Finally, we have documentation of his nekkid days. Also in 1999, it was acceptable human behavior for Channing to be wearing this epically awful outfit. Honestly, if I was in the audience I’d be asking him to “Take it off!” too.
“Chan Crawford,” as he was called at the time, was just as good at the bump and grind as he is today, but unfortunately,┬áhe still had a major case of butter face (we need a male term for that to describe Channing). Tates would li-synch to earn his keep, which was usually $50 a night plus tips. While he doesn’t take off everything, his little man candy thong leaves little to the imagination. Channing’s moves were so fiery that he caught the eye of a casting agent, who put him in Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs” music video, where he got his start. Chan’s currently filming the Magic Mike sequel in New Orleans, where he has his own bar. It’s the best time ever to plan a vacation to NOLA, because maybe — just maybe– you’ll see him take it off, just like right here.

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