Creepy Texts Read Out Loud Are Hysterical

It will never cease to amaze me what the men of America will say when they think it’s anonymous, or just in an effort to get it in. Texts might be the perfect way to communicate in the digital age, because you don’t have to awkwardly talk to anyone IRL, but they still come with some fatal flaws. If you’ve ever killed time by swiping away on Tinder, you’ve encounter pick-up lines that make you re-think your existence. A solid swipe fest will make you question everything, and maybe even lose hope in humanity.
Even the dude(s) you’re texting can go rogue occasionally. You think your banter is adorable and leading to a romantic date, he thinks that your sext fest is going to end in a serious collection of nudes. Even Sasha Grey (the porn star and Entourage guest), is shocked by these messages, which shows how absolutely beyond icky Tinder can be. Just be careful, because much like Tinder, these texts are NSFW… or life.

Dumped BF Auctioning his Girlfriend's Spot on Vacation
Dumped BF Auctioning his Girlfriend's Spot on Vacation
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