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The Dude Recaps: "Sleepy Hollow," Season 2, Episode 5


Oh, right! Katrina’s still around. This week Sleepy Hollow shifted character focus to give us an episode dealing more directly with Katrina and Ichabod’s bond. Secrets were revealed, seeds of distrust were planted, and we were given a bit of a showcase for how powerful, and important, Katrina could be to the season’s overarching plot (she’s a Hellfire Shard! Any guesses what that is?) Yet by the end of it, still not sure I cared as much as the show wanted me to.
This week’s disposable villain was the fabled, Weeping Lady, a ghost of a woman who drowned in the river. Local legend was that she had been jilted by her husband or lover. We soon learned that this Weeping Lady had been jilted by Ichabod Crane himself, (“I care for you very deeply…It is as a brother cares for a sister.” Friendzoned!). The Weeping Lady, revealed to be Mary Wells, was promised to Ichabod, and he to her, when they were children. Mary spent this episode targeting every woman that dared to talk to Ichabod. First, she killed Caroline (whom we learned was keeping Ichabod in his period costume). Then she attacked Abbie. It was little leap in logic to devise that she would be going after Katrina. This brought our heroes to Han’s-I mean Hawley’s doorstep in search of a weapon. This was a much more satisfyingly motivated encounter with the on screen pop-ups that Hawley’s had thus far.
It was nice to see Katrina use her powers to break free from Mary’s drowning grasp. It was better to learn Mary died confronting Katrina! Katrina told Ichabod Mary died accidentally but I’m a bit suspect. Which is where I should be and was the entire point of this episode, IMHO. I’ve been waiting since Katrina’s introduction to be convinced she was a character worth giving two damns about. This episode attempted to work toward that by showing us a darker side and displaying how powerful she is. Still not sure I care about her but she’s a bit more interesting. Two steps forward, one step back overall.
It was nice to see Ichabod rundown the list of things Katrina’s kept from him: A spy for Washington, a witch, pregnant with Henry, and now add Mary’s death to the list. There’s a lot of reasons for Ichabod to distrust the love of his life. And thus for us to distrust her.
Sleepy Hollow’s greatest strength is the relationship between Ichabod and Abbie. As a result, the supporting cast has suffered and suffered greatly this season. Frank, Jenny, Hawley, Katrina, Abraham, they all seem to be kept around for some big final purpose toward the end of the season. The writers understand that the audience loves Abbie and Ichabod. Their chemistry is the strongest and their relationship is the most unique. It’s a partnership unlike any other man and woman dynamic duo on television right now. With the writers putting the focus so much on Abbie and Ichabod, these supporting players become distractions. Sleepy Hollow would probably function better as an X-Files sort of a procedural. Yet this season is all about the big war with Moloch. Right now the show isn’t striking the balance it needs and some of the balls the writers are juggling feel like dead weight. At least in having Jenny and Hawley hooking up (apparently it’s a thing that’s been happening for a while off screen. Why’s all of Jenny’s interesting moments happen off screen? Like her teaching Ichabod to drive.) they are trying to consolidate the dead weight into smaller packages. I might be super jazzed by delving more into Jenny and Abbie’s past. I might really want to learn more about what happened to Frank’s family. This show however has made it’s bed with its central relationship and that central relationship is depriving every other relationship of some much needed time and space to deepen. Even Katrina and Ichabod’s relationship felt undercooked this episode, in part because it felt like there were too many cameos from other characters and clipped along at too fast of a pace. There’s my two cents, you know what they’re worth.
The final scene started off well enough. It was fun to see Henry being put in his place by Moloch. The bad guys aren’t quite as organized as they posture to our heroes. Henry’s motivations and methods are becoming cursiouser and curiouser. I loved John Noble’s regression to a scolded child in the very last moments. However, it felt a bit anticlimactic for it to be the final moment. Just one viewer’s opinion but the pacing of it and the dolly shot pulling away from him felt like it was setting me up for a bigger reveal, some kind of punishment perhaps that Moloch had placed on him…Only there didn’t appear to be any. Bit of a letdown ending for a bit of a letdown episode overall.
See you at the Battle of Saratoga!
-I have met many women these days who seem to have a case of “Crane on the brain.”
-Loved the opening scene with the seamstress hitting on Ichabod. The icing was Abbie walking in at the perfect moment making the seamstress think Abbie and Ichabod were a couple. “Mrs. Who-Now?”
-Ichabod versus Emoticon! “A grimacing lemon caricature should do the trick.”
-I loved LOVED Caroline’s funeral. The photo of Caroline in Colonial garb and all of the guests showing up in kind. One of those sweet and hilarious moments the show gets to wink at its audience.
-“This is where the gossip grapevine grows, the Spirit Squad.
-Jenny and Halwey, sitting on a boat…that’s as far as I got in making a dirty rhyme. Anyone care to finish it?
-Why did the Weeping Lady attack the high school kids? Or was that just her being called?
-Kudos to Tom Mison and Laura Spencer who developed a relationship in Ichabod and Caroline that you could invest in within the first ten minutes of the episode.
– Running into Hawley at the library felt forced. Fortunately, he hung around long enough to give Abbie mouth to mouth after her encounter with the Weeping Lady. Anybody else pondering over how Abbie and Ichabod spent an entire year in Sleepy Hollow, never running into Hawley, and now he’s freaking everywhere they go?!?!!? As conveniently as he appeared, he got a text and left on cue. I’m waiting for Hawley to earn his place as someone to care about, one way or another.
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