This Shot Glass Will Change Your Life

I have a love/hate relationship with shots. They’re an effective way to make sure you’ll be dancing on tables later in the night, especially if tequila is involved, but that doesn’t necessarily make them delicious. Whether we’re talking the sweetness of Southern Comfort and lime, Vegas Bombs (because Red Bull and alcohol are such a stellar combination), or Fireball (because that hangover from hell is so fun), shots always seem to end in disaster. By the time you’ve taken one, you’re making a face and searching for a chaser, even if said chaser involves more alcohol.

Luckily, our lives are about to change forever. The greatest invention in American history has come to fruition. Sure, you could always pour yourself a mixed drink, but that’s no fun. The Snapshotr locks in your shot and drink, so you can take them separately, but together. Start saving your money now, because Snapshotr is coming to Kickstarter soon, and this is a cause I believe in.





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