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Right around the end of October, when the weather turns cold and our activity levels start to slow down, this is exactly when our immune system goes on the fritz. And should we be surprised? We’ve got midterms and chaotic work schedules to deal with, giving us barely any time for sleep, exercise, or just a quick moment to unwind. Add on the horrid nor’easter that’s pushing through the US this week, and we’ve got serious potential to catch a cold, or something worse – after all, flu season can begin as early as October. But with Halloween just around the corner, not to mention all our other responsibilities, we seriously can not afford to get sick. So what do we do?
The obvious response to this question would be to overload on vitamin C and take a nap, but like we mentioned, napping may not be an option if you’re running on a busy schedule, and experts still dispute whether vitamin C actually prevents you from getting sick. The less obvious option would be to get some exercise. Now, of course, if you’re already sick, there are definitely some precautions and considerations to take before working out! But if you’re simply hoping to delay falling ill this season, exercise is one great route to take!
The key to using exercise as a way to boost your immune system is to realize it’s not necessary to go hard or go home. When you’re working out to stay fit, to lose weight, or to train for an event, pushing your body is a must. But when it comes to keeping your immune system in check, experts say only 20 – 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day can keep you healthy. This means that taking it easy during the cooler months may not be the worst for your health, as long as you stay active! So while you may be tight on time, remember that you don’t necessarily have to get a 45-minute cardio session in to stay cold-free.
In fact, splitting that 20 – 30 minutes of exercise into 2 – 3, 10-minute bouts can be an easy way to get your activity in when you find yourself too busy for your normal routine. And, on days when you’re not feeling your usual motivation to get your sweat on, simple exercises that get your blood flowing and increase circulation can do the trick, so try some early morning yoga moves, or just an easy, four-move routine!
The key to keeping the cold and flu at bay is to stay active. Don’t let the chilly whether or cloudy sky get the best of you! Keep up with daily exercise, even if it’s only in 10 minute bouts, and you’ll stay healthy through the season.
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