9 Ways to Dress Like a Hipster This Fall

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If you don’t feel like dressing like a basic this fall, don’t fret– you have other options. You can stand out, be an original, and dress like no one else in sight… Totally kidding, a hipster uniform is the basic uniform of the wannabe urban elite. Not quite chic enough to be killing it, but not quite basic enough to don leggings and call it a day (although both love circle scarves and flannel). Luckily, if you’re trying to escape the riding boots and arm candy mold, there are some steps you can take to transform into a hipster, which is a person who likes bands you’ve never heard of and pretends that all of their clothes are vintage, when the reality is that the entirety of their outfit could be purchased at the friendly local Urban Outfitters.
While I’d like to believe that all of the are hipsters in Brooklyn are ridiculously successful artists, the reality of the situation is that paying rent in NYC means that you’ve either sold out or have the funding of Mom and Dad behind you, and I’m going with the latter. Luckily, even you can become a hipster (and just in time for Halloween!) with these 9 easy steps. If all else fails, wear black and walk around like you have a chip on your shoulder, and you’ll be the hippest girl in the world in no time.

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