The Perfect DIY Mermaid Costume for Halloween


With Halloween coming up, you’re officially running out of time to purchase the ticky tacky costume of your dreams, that will guarantee everyone else on campus will be wearing it. Nothing against head-to-toe spandex, especially when you’ve just turned 18, but at least be risqué with a little bit of originality. Halloweekend is the perfect excuse to parade around the tightest cop costume your body can manage, Spanx be damned, but all that spandex can start to chafe, and a full on get-up makes it almost impossible to use the facilities.

If you’re looking to make purchases that you can actually wear again, and not just on special occasions, there are tons of awesome costumes that are cute, without being so revealing you have to start a juice cleanse as of yesterday. Lucky for you, here at CC we’ve decided to break down the best Halloween costumes that you can actually buy and/or make in the coming week. Best of all? You don’t have to start juicing for any of them.

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