19 Signs You're Addicted to Law and Order: SVU

Law and Order: SVU goes there. It’s so deeply disturbing that you can’t look away, like a train wreck, only it draws you in for hours. You settle in for an episode, and suddenly you’ve lost all sense of time because you’ve been watching for days. While I used to be an addict, I’ve since mended my ways. Sometimes the show gets too dark, even for me, and after particularly repulsive episodes, I decide to take a break… until the next marathon, that is. Here are 19 signs that you watch way too much Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. 

1. You still believe, in your heart of hearts, that Benson and Stabler will get married.


2. Whenever you see a stranger danger looking sneaky, you immediately come up with elaborate ideas about his secret life.


3. You’re convinced that every white van in existence is seriously sketchy.


4. You’ve done hours of background research on every single character on the show.


5. You do extensive research whenever there’s a “ripped from the headlines” stories.


6. You have a lovable nickname for the show that you share with family and friends. 

On Location For "Law & Order: SVU" - March 4, 2010

7. You’ve lost hours of your life to marathons, including canceling plans and giving up on sleep.

Law and Order- SVU

8. The obsession makes staying home sick a blessing.


9. You’ve never quite accepted Stabler leaving. 


10. You’ve said “Dun Dun!” when something scary IRL is happening. 


11. You actually enjoy jury duty because it’s a good excuse to pretend that you’re a character. 


12. You’ve watched so many episodes that you’re actually able to predict the twist endings. 


13. You become angry when there’s a marathon of regular Law and Order, because it’s just not the same. 


14. Your paranoia is especially intense after a marathon. 


15. You’re pretty sure that you could be a lawyer without law school, because hours of watching the show are all the training you need. 


16. You’ve seen every episode… twice, but you’re still disappointed when it’s a re-run. 


17. Nothing shocks you anymore. 


18. You have a love/hate relationship with Dick Wolf, because once his name is on the screen it means it’s time to return to the real world. 


19. Once Elliot left, it was never quite the same. 

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