Ok Go Stuns Again With New Video



Ok Go has been killing it for years with their ridiculously inventive music videos. The rest of the Billboard 100 shakes their booty and calls it a day, but every video they make it new and insane.

This┬ávideo was filmed by a drone, as the band rode around on little motorized scooter chairs that were made (and paid for) by Honda. They worked with a Japanese choreographer, who created some seriously amazing┬áseated Segway dance moves. The drone helicopter filmed twirling dancers with umbrellas, creating choreography like you’ve never seen.

The choreographer, Airman, had assistants that would yell instructions to the girls dancing, who would then run into their ever-changing formations. For the final shot, which you actually have to see, enormous speakers and half-speed made the choreography come together.

The video was created in one continuous shot, that took approximately 60 tries to complete perfectly (casual).

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