Impossibly Single? Now You Can Marry Yourself

If you’ve been Pinteresting your wedding non-stop with no potential groom available, this news will make your day. The latest trend sweeping the nation is beautiful, elaborate weddings… where you marry yourself.
A travel company in Kyoto has started a new service called “Solo Wedding,” that embraces all the single ladies. It’s a package for women that even includes spending their honeymoon in a fancy hotel… and who said romance was dead? During your two day excursion, you try on your dream dress, choose your floral arrangements, and get your hair and make-up done for a photo shoot. You can choose a traditional white gown or a Geisha one, in case you’re feeling a historically accurate faux wedding.
Best of all? You get to choose a gentleman to be in your pictures, so when you show off your wedding photos it will be 1% less awkward (2% if Ryan Gosling is available). Even better? I bet your pretend groom won’t argue with you about expenses. It’s unclear if you still get to choose a wedding party, because I can’t imagine a crew of girls spending serious money for the chance to be in a wedding that’s not exactly the realest… andĀ isn’t the best part of any wedding the gifts? And the husband, obviously (I guess).
This specialĀ service is for women who’ve chosen to pursue a career over a boyfriend, which makes me think that it should expand to America. Who has time to troll for a boyf on Tinder when you could be getting drunk somewhere? It’s also for women who are newly single post-divorce, which makes sense, because their friends probably don’t want to shell out for a big wedding again, and wearing white gets old after a while.
If you’re interested in the fake wedding of your fantasies, prepare to shell out close to $3,000. Unfortunately, the male model that’s available for the photo shoot doesn’t come with you to your honeymoon suite.
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