The Ultimate Halloween Drinking Game

The Ultimate Halloween Drinking Game

Halloweekend is the best time of the year, because you can take everything off and no one on earth can judge you. It’s 3 days (at least) of heavy drinking in cat ears, making it the perfect time to make bad decisions, because you totally aren’t yourself once you’re in costume.
If you’re looking for another excuse to drink this Halloween (other than the fact that you’re another person entirely and it’s not absolutely freezing out yet), here’s the drinking game you need at every single party.

One drink:

Every time you see a costume that completely ruins your childhood for you, forever. Examples include, but are not limited to, sexy Elmo, sexy Olaf, sexy Disney princess, or any other costume that should never be made sexy, because gross.
One drink per animal ear. You will be black out within two minutes, guaranteed.
For that guy who’s far too cool to come in costume (but sometimes you think he’s dressed up, anyway).
A drink for every patriotic costume in sight, whether it’s Uncle Sam or Lady Liberty, because ‘Merica.

Now chug:

When you see a girl who’s basically dressed as daddy issues, only with ears (unclear what animal she’s trying to be).
For the girl in a pizza suit who came with an entire crew of Playboy bunnies, because respect needs to be given for her giving 0.
A hook up is happening right in front of you, and you know that guy would be even more hideous without his mask on.

One shot:

Drink one super sweet shot for every basic costume you see. This includes, but is not limited to, Audrey Hepburn, a school girl, a hot cop, a referee (even though you know girlfriend doesn’t know anything about sports), or a Starbucks latte. Double shot for Pumpkin Spice.
Every time someone asks you what you are. Sure, it might just be a dude trying to mack, but you spent hours, weeks, months of your life planning this elaborate ensemble, and you really thought your ears were a dead giveaway (you’re an ocelot, duh).

Now pour one out:

For the group costume where one person obviously gets the shaft, because no one wants to be Scary Spice. Ever.
For the couples costume that makes you question humanity, because who on this planet would ever want to convince their boyfriend to dress up as an even more feminine version of Prince Charming?
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