Health Goth: The Fitness Trend You Need to Know

The fitness world is used to random trends rotating in and out of our gym bags, phones, and closets on a weekly basis. I’m sure baggy sweatpants were a really big hit back in 2005, but now we all know we aren’t truly on the road to being fitness goddesses until we have some spandex riding up our butts while we’re squatting.
While I caught on to the spandex trend, there’s one new trend I’m just not getting — health goth. I’ll admit, I’m nowhere near identifying with the goth culture. I don’t really have anything against people who do, it’s just not my thing. I’ve spent a few hours perusing what little the Internet has to offer on this new phenomenon, and I still don’t completely understand it. Visit where it all started to get the general idea.
A lot of people are saying this is the latest trend to spiral out of social media origins, being preceded by “Seapunk,” and “Normcore.” Google it, and get ready to see a lot of aqua and regular old t-shirts and jeans (you get the picture).
Marie Claire recently covered this new trend, saying that it’s basically a mix between the dark hues and cuts of goth culture mixed with futuristic fitness trends. I read somewhere else that it all started as a social media meme and spiraled into a way for people in the goth community to feel comfortable taking care of their bodies with exercise, in a gym infested with jocks. Whether that’s the real reason this has exploded all over my Tumblr dash or not, I’m all for it.
I think it’s really easy for people who aren’t typically looked at as athletic, or in shape, to feel uncomfortable in such a competitive and judgmental environment. If the creation of clothing that fits their lifestyle makes them feel more comfortable taking care of themselves, that’s perfect.
So, what does this trend look like exactly? See the gallery below!

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