You Can Actually Stay in Barbie's Dream House Hotel

When you were little, did you dream of having a Barbie dream house of your own? It looks like your childhood fantasies can actually become a reality, although I can’t promise you a pony or a Ken of your own. You can, however, stay in the first ever Barbie dream house hotel. If you never had the doll house you wanted as a little kid, you can be the doll now (nothing creepy).
Who needs to go home for winter break? Head to the Hilton Buenos Aires to experience every shade of pink ever created. It only costs $179 per night if you book during an off period, so check your planner stat. Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to wait until winter break 2015, because it’s fully booked until then. The room has a TV that only shows Barbie films, a walk-in closet, and lots of dolls to play with. It’s unclear if it also comes with multiple careers, like astronaut and President, but if it does I’m booking immediately.

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