7 Signs Blair Waldorf Is Your Spirit Animal

If you spent any time watching or reading Gossip Girl, it’s almost guaranteed that Blair Waldorf is your spirit animal. If you’re Team Serena, then you need to take some personal time to question everything. Blair was, and is, everything. An ice queen with a heart of gold, who’s terrifying, intimidating, and absolute perfection. If you mess with her, girlfriend will haunt your dreams. Serena would just party way too hardy in a failed effort to forget you.
Who wouldn’t want to embody Blair? She lives a New York City life even more glamorous than Taylor Swift‘s, she reformed the irredeemable Chuck Bass, and at the end of the day, she married Seth Cohen (sorry, totally mixing up my CW favorites). If Blair’s your spirit animal, it’s more than likely that you wear headbands even as an adult, you have an obsession with all things NYC related (even though life on the Upper East Side is far too expensive IRL, unfortunately), and you spend long periods of time devoted to finding a Chuck Bass of your own to turn from bad to good (luckily, The Empire Hotel is real, so your dreams can become a reality).

1. She’s not afraid to speak her mind (even when it makes her sound like a crazy).

blairSure, some people could find that intimidating, but I think it’s charming. In a world where everyone’s always trying their hardest to be politically correct at all times, I value people who actually tell the truth… even if it hurts (which it does, usually). Blair might be seen as the b. word (and I’m not talking Queen B), but it’s way better than Serena’s always sunny disposition. Let’s be honest, Serena was the definition of a basic b.

2. She avoids catching feelings (even if it doesn’t work out, exactly).


Everyone knows that catching feelings in college always leads to disaster, guaranteed. Blair might have all the feelings in the world, but she keeps them under lock and key. Sure, Nate tries to F with her, and Chuck Bass destroys her mentally and physically, but she always comes back swinging… especially if you try to trade her for a hotel. Real talk: Chuck Bass would’ve remained a (b)asshole for eternity, but that’s why Gossip Girl is a fairy tale and a half. Who better to reform him than the girl who was born to be a princess? Even if the whole “princess” thing didn’t work out for her with Prince Louis… but really, who could stand to listen to that terrible accent for the rest of eternity?

3. She works hard for everything.


I mean, obviously girlfriend was born beyond #blessed, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t hustle for everything she had. Unlike Serena, who had everything handed to her on a platinum platter, Blair plotted and schemed to make sure everything always went her way. You could call her a control freak, but I prefer “driven,” personally. After all, being driven is the only way to guarantee that you have minions, and they’re the perfect people to surround you while eating yogurt on the Met steps.

4. She speaks the truth.


Girlfriend knows that money does buy you happiness, because it means a closet of unlimited fine goods. As a new New Yorker, I feel sure that all of the dollars in the world would make life here beyond fabulous. Blair knew, and she had the perfect accessories to prove it. Have you seen that girl’s headband collection?

5. She loves herself more than anyone (other than Chuck, obviously).

If you don’t love yourself the most, no one will do it for you. She has Chuck for romance, but her self-confidence is off the charts. That’s probably how she managed to graduate from NYU without ever attending a single class, and went on to become the head of a successful fashion company (suspend your disbelief, please). With daddy issues up the wazoo after her dad’s coming out party, it was important that she valued herself the most, because Eleanor was way more focused on her tiny man from Clueless. 

6. She understands the importance of an impromptu shopping spree.

Who needs to pay for therapy when you could pay for retail therapy, which will make you feel best of all? Unfortunately, all of the shopping in the world couldn’t erase the fact that she dated Lonely Boy from her memory. Can you believe she boned the real GG? Sorry, spoiler alert, but now you know that his hair’s so big because it’s full of secrets.

7. She’s everything.

Girlfriend just gets it. She’s tough as nails, super glam, and has a boat load of feelings, even if she generally refuses to show them. She’s like a modern-day Scarlett O’Hara who actually gets the guy in the end. Materialistic, uppity, but inevitably aspirational.
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