The Mean Girls Reunion You Wanted Is Finally Here

You know how you’ve been dreaming of a Mean Girls reunion since you started wearing pink every Wednesday? In a world where it’s always October 3rd, Aaron Samuels would be super straight, Lindsay Lohan would be the most sober, and Glen Coco would finally reveal himself, because he’s obviously the best character there is. While that dream world might never exist, a photo shoot that reunites LiLo with Tina Fey and the rest of the cast has been made a reality by Entertainment Weekly. I can only hope that part of the shoot was Fey dispensing Bossypants advice to the actress, who could obviously use some.
In the EW interview, the girls spill secrets from the set. Apparently, LiLo was most concerned with finding the perfect pair of pink Uggs (weren’t we all back then?), on her feud with Hillary Duff (side note: can you believe that two 2000s icons fought bitterly over Aaron Carter?), and on playing Regina, because she obviously wanted to be Queen. The only way this could’ve been even better is if said reunion happened on October 3rd… and included the girl who doesn’t even go here, because that would be golden.
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