The Best Ways to Combat Winter Skin

At the start of October every year I get excited. The leaves are changing colors, and the temperature starts getting more comfortable. Plus, there are pumpkin products everywhere. Unfortunately, this year I noticed that I actually start hating this seasonal shift by Halloween. You know why? My beautiful, clear, baby soft skin becomes dry and itchy, disrupting my love affair with cozy sweaters and infinity scarves. I was a lucky one. This didn’t really start affecting me until last year, when I guess nature and age finally caught up with me and wanted to punish me for having perfect skin but never moisturizing adequately. This winter, I REFUSE to spend my time uncomfortable, unable to sleep through the night or wear tight clothing that I pay good money for. Okay, that I pay a moderate amount of money for. Here are 11 quick tips for keeping your skin happy and healthy this winter.

1. Watch your shower temperature.

I love hot showers more than life itself, but I realize how harsh they are on my skin. I obviously still take them from time to time after a particularly rough day at work or a rougher workout, but from November through March I’d keep it closer to warm than scorching.

2. Drink more water.

Drink more water than you think you need to, or even really want to. The best way to keep your skin on your side is to hydrate it from the inside out.

3. Cover up your body completely.

You know those awesome -40 degree days a bunch of the parts of the country got to endure last year? Yeah, make sure much your entire body is covered up when you step outside on days like that. I mean eyelids only, people! And goggles would’’t really be out of the question, either.

4. Buy an inexpensive humidifier for the winter months.

I just bought a pretty decent one last month when I got sick. My nose and throat aren’t nearly as dry as they’d normally be after a snooze, which must mean my skin is reaping the benefits, too.

5. Use less soap.

A lot of the cleansers aren’t gentle on our skin. Dermatologists recommend using a little less of our products to only remove the dirt and makeup, but leave the essential oil our skin produces to keep itself healthy.

6. Limit your cozy fireplace time.

Although it’s a dream of mine to even own a fireplace, it’s super bad for your skin. If you do have an addiction like I’m sure I will in a few years, try to at least keep a little more distance than usual.

7. Cream > Lotion

All those bottles you get in your stocking at Christmas can actually irritate your skin with all of the fillers and fragrance. Creams are made to deeply heal and moisturize.

8. Lip balms are your best friend.

Lips are skin too, you know, and I feel like they take the majority of the whipping wind and bitter cold effects. I’d definitely keep a pot/tube handy for before you head to class in the morning, right before you head outside, and especially right before bed every night.

9. Moisturize right after your shower!

I love using spray-on moisturizer. It’s especially convenient at the gym when I’m trying to get ready quickly without making a mess of things. We need to replace all of the healthy oil we just removed in the steamy shower.

10. Keep your locks a little oily.

I know hair isn’t skin, but I notice a big difference in my strands during the winter months too. If I have a day off from working out I also take the day off from washing my hair. I just spray a little dry shampoo at the crown and front of my head to absorb the more noticeable oil. This will keep your scalp from getting too dry, too!

11. Make sure to get some cuticle oil or butter for your hands.

For some reason, it’s one of the first places to show signs of dehydration on my body and I hate how it makes my nicely-manicured hands look. As an added bonus, here are 5 of my favorite winter-time products to keep your skin nice and cozy. [Lead image via]