Your "Vampire Diaries" Cheat Sheet: Season 6, Episode 6

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Now that Damon’s back, the Vampire Diaries season can really begin! Elena has to care about remembering him now, right? Let’s discuss:
– Tripp is a real shady dude. How are you going to torture people to Hank Williams music? You don’t. It’s not the American way.
– The fact that Damon still believes in love at first sight after all these years is adorable. He truly believes that if Elena stares into slightly crazed but beautiful baby blues, then she’ll fall back in love with him. Rightttt.
– “I’m sorry I was confused about which vampires we like and which ones we don’t.” Matt, you have no purpose on this show but to say a random, golden one-liner every so often.
– There was something quite Shakespearean about Damon trying to woo Elena through a door. So many caresses of the wood, so many voice quivers. Okay, so maybe it was more like a Harlequin romance novel. Especially, when she jumped out the damn window.
– “Couldn’t compel yourself a PhD?” Damon’s back and points out the obvious! Aim high, Rick.
– There should be a drinking game for every time Elena’s happiness is mentioned.
– Caroline and Stefan’s quest to save Enzo from Tripp is the cutest rom-com scenario in this dark, dark world. Watching them fight gives me life.
– Oooh, Doctor Jo knows that they’re vamps! And she’s not on vervain either, so she must be some kind of mythical creature if she can’t be compelled. Also, she had a healthy amount of make-up on for someone who is trying to save lives. It was a major increase from last week, just saying.
– Damon is at his best when he’s being a creep. Drawing a stick figure on Elena’s picture = CLASSIC. But telling Jeremy that Bonnie wasn’t with him was probably the
– DAMON MISSES BONNIE. Stop everything. He left her a voicemail, a la Jeremy, and thanked her for her sacrifice. Never thought he would ever open up to her. New bffs, perhaps?
– I have to say, having a vampire hunter as this season’s villain is a nice touch. It’s easy to understand his drive, and it’s nice to see a human was some power.
– Enzo and Damon reunited in capture! Just like old times! They are the worst at being caught. And I bet they sucked at hide and go seek as kids.
– Ric gives a “my life is a mess speech” every episode. No, it’s not boo. It’s exactly where you need it to be. Remember when he had that awful show, “Cult,” that lasted about a second? Yup, thought so.
– Of course, Elena wants to remember Damon as soon as he’s about to die. She has perfect timing.
– That border is no joke! Instant consumption when the vamps crossed it. Good thing that Doctor Jo, the self-proclaimed “crazy stalker” was there to save Alaric’s life. Watching his fakeout death was torture. He is a man, not  a cat. But now he’s human, DUN DUN DUN. Elena can’t be uncompelled to remember Damon.
– Oh yeah, let’s check in on that Sarah Salvatore. She’s around. She’s trying to find out about her family. Cool.
– Jeremy is one rage spiral away from “One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest.” Poor boy.
– “I’m so tired of hearing about how hard it was for her.” THANK YOU, DAMON.
– Caroline was so close to telling Stefan that she loved him. She kind of said it in the most passive aggressive way possible but Ima need for her to do better.
Best episode of the season so far! Will Damon and Elena’s love overcome compulsion? Until, next time!
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