21 Man Buns You Need This Monday

The man bun is the latest trend sweeping the nation. It pairs perfectly with the lumbersexual look, so if your preferred look for gentlemen involves flannel and hair that’s perfectly unkempt, you’re in business. I met a handsome man bun the other day who swore up and down that he had no idea the trend had taken hold. Look, if man buns weren’t so pretty and popular, hipsters worldwide wouldn’t be rocking them. It’s unclear who the first boy was to switch from a ratty ponytail into a messy bun, but whoever he is, I love him. If your Monday is dragging on endlessly, these are the man buns you need to make it.
If you don’t live in Brooklyn, you’re probably not surrounded by man buns (muns) constantly. Luckily, these 21 gorgeous guys are bringing them straight to you.

Need a little more man bun in your life? We’ve got you covered.
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