Watch Jessie J & Jennifer Hudson Duet on “Titanium,” Give You Goosebumps

If “Titanium” is your favorite break-up ballad to get you back in the saddle, this duet will give you all the goosebumps. Jessie J’s recent best friendship with Ariana Grande has distracted from her actual talent, because you can’t really see her before Grande’s high ponytail (although I am excited for their duet on “The Boy Is Mine,” full disclosure). Their performance for the D.C. Concert for Valor honoring veterans will remind you that despite the plethora of untalented biddies running around and ruining the music industry, there are still ridiculously talented artists who feel all the feelings. After everything that Jennifer Hudson has been through (and I’m not just talking about marrying one of the contestants from I Love New York), you know that girlfriend is 100% made of titanium.

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