Vampire Diaries Recap Cheat Sheet: Season 6, Episode 7

vampire diaries november 13th

In real life, Ian Somerhalder came out against fracking today.  Good for him and the environment but Damon had more interesting things to protest, like Elena not remembering him. Let’s discuss:
– See Elena, this is what happens when you start messing with non-vamps. Cute-Brag aka Liam is already super suspicious of her power after she saved that girl in the cornfield. Keep to your own kind, girlfriend.
-#TBT to that awful photo Caroline had of her, Stefan, and Elena on her dresser. If she wanted us to feel bad for her, that photo was the way to do it.
– Another big unnamed baddie! Apparently, Tripp works for someone even more obsessed with killing vamps than he is.
– “I’m not on the wrong side, my side is just really, really complicated.” Poor baby Matt, caught up in the drama of these crazies.
– Doctor Jo finally confirmed that she’s a non-practicing witch. Can’t blame her at all, witches have the worst job on this show. Look at Bonnie. And Liv’s not the best poster child for the craft either.
– Damon in a pissing contest over Elena is always the best thing. He’s at his best when he’s the underdog.
– Enzo, the truther. If there’s any purpose for that guy it’s to tell the truth, especially when it’s not his business. Revealing that Caroline loves Stefan had to happen but it would have been nice to hear it from her, not him. Thanks, Enzo.
– The sexual tension during Damon and Elena’s dance was incredible. I wonder how much of their “acting” comes form their own real life break-up.
– Liv’s bro (no idea what his name is, does anyone?) showed up! And his hair, let’s talk about his hair! Parted down the middle and slicked back is not a good look for anyone, unless your life goal involves looking like a game show host (dream big).
– Bonnie’s bleed out and escape plan was the most interesting she’s been in a while. Kai is one scary dude though, so her escape is pretty urgent.
– “Take me to the last place I  said that I loved you.” Something about that sentence made it the most confusing thing to wrap my head around. Of course, the last place she said it was by the town border. When Elena had her choking death/memory moment it seemed like she would
– Kai’s little speech to Bonnie about her being a good person was only made better by his 90s skater boi attire and the teddy bear. Is it bad to be shipping their romance already? No matter how bad the guys get on this show, you
– Enzo is the most sneaky! Did Tripp know he was a vampire? It didn’t seem like he did when crossed the town line but then again, it’s not like anyone was so eager to save him.
– Bonnie can disconnect her magic from her body? And she put it into a bear? So that Kai wouldn’t go back to Earth/present day? Do you sense my confusion? This is her highest level of self-sacrifice for the greater good and it’s more than a little crazy. Her character has to be more than a sacrificial lamb.
– “Why did I have a thing for you?” Caroline deserves everything beautiful in this world. Stefan has to love her. Call it by mid-season finale.
– Doctor Jo is Kai’s brother! She’s a part of the Gemini clan! #symmetry
– “You’re a liar with secrets.” Liam is turning on Elena, she should just snap his neck/compel him and be over with it.
– Bonnie sent her magic to Damon! The cutest friendship plot line. But what is he supposed to do with it? Can he feel the magic radiating from it?
Next week is Friendsgiving! And not everyone is invited, so that definitely means they’ll show up. Until next time!
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