The World Is Running Out of Chocolate: Prepare Mentally and Physically

Uh oh. Ready for this to be the most Monday ever? Not only are you exhausted from this weekend, the world might be running out of chocolate. You heard me. Prepare accordingly. Stockpile for the end of days, make a quick trip to your local Godiva, or start home-brewing your own. The options are endless.
Unfortunately, Americans are growing more gluttonous by the day. We’re gorging on chocolate, which means that we want more chocolate than physically exists in the world right now.
World Without Chocolate
Word on the street (and by that I mean Bloomberg is reporting), is that by 2030, the predicted chocolate shortfall will grow to 2 million tons. Better smother yourself in Hershey’s syrup before it’s too late. Luckily, 2030 is way in the future, which means that by then chocolate without calories will be invented (I can only pray).
Cacao plants have been suffering lately. The struggle is real, because they’re facing disease, droughts, and farmer’s are way more into corn and rubber (and the profits they provide). The price of cocoa has increased 87%. Before you start crying because there’s no chocolate to console you, know that everyone’s hoping that a new breed of cacao will be engineered by scientists in future years. Until that glorious day, the price of chocolate has climbed more than 60%.

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