You Like Ugly Guys More When You’re On The Pill

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Uh oh. A new study from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (sounds fancy), recently discovered that women who start or stop taking birth control while they’re in a relationship experience a decrease in sexual satisfaction… especially if their boyfriends or husbands are uggos. Looks like meeting the love of your life while taking birth control isn’t as convenient as you thought it would be.

This study looked at 70 couples over a year, along with 48 couples over four years of marriage. It found that women who aren’t taking birth control pills are mega interested in hard 10 smoke show men. If women start taking the pill after entering a relationship, and then stop taking it while still together, they still liked their husbands. If women were on the pill when they fell in love, then stopped taking the pill once they were in a relaysh, they no longer found their husband quite as hottie patottie if they were less attractive to begin with.

The results might be because the estrogen in birth control pills changes what women are looking for in a mate. Other studies have shown that women look for more masculine partners when they’re ovulating, because it seems like they have good genes, which would help out in a pregnancy. Women who aren’t on the pill are more interested in guys with good looks, because they’re not trying to put a ring on it.

This was a follow-up to a 2001 study that showed similar findings. This confirmation impacts lots of ladies. As of 2010, 17% of women from 15-44 were on the pill. Good news for ugly dudes, bad news for everyone else, ever.

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