New Study Proves You’re Actually Addicted To Instagram

You know how you can’t go more than a few hours (and even that’s excessive) without seeing what’s happening on Instagram? Now, you can blame science — not your obsession with your not-boyfriend’s ex.

Instagram is the guiltiest of pleasures, mostly because it’s way too easy to like someone’s picture from 37 weeks ago. Unfortunately, nothing gives away your stalker tendencies quite like a creeper like on a total stranger danger.

A recent Business Insider report found that over 90% of the 200 million people on Insta are under age 35, making it the hippest social network in the game. The Insta obsessed tend to be urban, female, and mega wealthy. Those rich girls are uploading 544 million photos every day.

Nir Eyal, a Stanford University lecturer, recently wrote the book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, and he has the DL on why your obsession with Valencia is out of control.

Eyal says we’re all taking too many pictures because of, “this anxiety that we feel if we don’t capture this moment it will disappear forever.” Sadly, even though people feel that way, the truth is that the most fun moments happen when you’re enjoying yourself, not trying to filter it.

He believes that people love the immediate reward of filtering a picture, and I can’t help but agree. Going from shiny to Photoshop perfection with the click of a button will never not be fun to me. Who doesn’t want to make their otherwise drab life look immediately gorgeous with minimal effort?

The creator of Insta, Kevin Systrom, majored in symbolic systems at Stanford, which is the combination of psychology and computer science, so the obsessive nature of Insta isn’t an accident. Next time you grab your phone and immediately pick it up to Insta the smallest moment, whether it’s your lame meal, the leaves, or your misspelled Starbs name, take a minute, and step away from the filter. Moments will still be remembered if you don’t capture them (although they won’t look as cool without Kelvin — kidding, Kelvin is the kid on the playground nobody likes). Maybe you’ll experience some lite FOMO when you don’t check Insta regularly, but you’ll also experience some pretty amazing moments that are memorable even without a dozen likes to prove it.

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