These 11 Ridiculously Cute Starbucks Illustrations Will Make You Want Coffee Now

What could be better than red cup season? Other than, you know, the fact that it’s basically freezing cold outside, and that’s why you’ve been treating yourself to regular peppermint hot chocolates, calories be damned. Luckily, illustrator Josh Hara/”yoyoha” has created the most adorable Starbucks illustrations you’ve ever seen. You know how you’re not a person before you have your morning latte? He feels your pain. If you’re looking for Starbs cups that are your spirit animals, his Instagram has you covered.
Like most of us (who can pretend to afford it), Josh Hara drinks a Starbs a day. He’s a creative director, and he started noticing that the blank spots on the cups were just begging for his illustrations. He’s been illustrating since he was little, and he’s using this as the perfect opportunity to show off his talent. While Starbucks hasn’t responded to his drawings yet, I can only hope that they’ll work with him. After all, the only thing that could make my PSL sweeter is an illustration of it on the front.

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